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Hello, I'm Clément!

Hello, my name is Clément Gillard(ji-lar), and I am a junior systems engineer. I tend to specialise in optimisation, code safety, and critical software. I am very knowledgeable about undefined behaviour and safe coding practices.

Current employment status: employed, not looking for another position. You can still check out my resume! Or continue reading this web page, which is less constrained.


I graduated from EPITA in 2019 with a French engineering degree (equivalent to a Master of Science in Engineering). I majored in two subjects, giving me a wide range of topics I studied:

and all the common courses of EPITA: law, management, electronics, physics, mathematical analysis, and of course, programming.

I was also a research student at EPITA's Research and Development Laboratory (LRDE), where I worked mainly on optimising ω-automata processing algorithms. I had to do regular reports and presentations, mimicking actual academic research publication processes; they are available here.

Work Experience

Places I have worked for:

What I can do

Human languages

I am a native French speaker, and am fluent in English.

Computer languages

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Do I seem like a good fit for your company? You can email me at the following address: clement @ this domain, or any other contact info you will find in my resume.